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Brought to you by Oral-B, the toothbrush of the connoisseur of uncleaned ancient coins. *

As a computer professional, computer gamer and computer addict I realised that just about everything I do involves these machines. So, I decided to find a hobby. I was crusing eBay one day and found numerous offers of uncleaned Roman coins. Being a history buff I thought "Ah ha! This is it" and ordered a handfull of coins from each of eight or ten different vendors.

I was very curious to see just what kind of coin a couple of bucks could buy. Then I figured that maybe others would be equally curious. So - this page was created. I hope to scan each batch of coins, front and back, cleaned and uncleaned. Each set will have the date, vendor and price paid. If I am able to identify any I will include the identification. Or my best SWAG, anyway.

I hope that someone will find this interesting and maybe a little useful. Newbies like myself might learn something and experienced collectors might get a giggle. Drop me a line at scott@joviel.com if these pages give you either.

Uncleaned Coin Collection

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Cleaning Suggestions and Links

P.S. - If you can identify any of the uncleaned coins feel free to enlighten me. I'll need all the help I can get...

page modified 3/28/2001

* this is a joke, folks...


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